Struggling to end violence against women | Globalization | DW | 05.03.2014
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Struggling to end violence against women

One in three women in the EU has been physically or sexually assaulted, according to a new study. DW takes a look at the violence committed against women - and the ways people around the globe are fighting back.

The Vienna-based EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) released a major study on Wednesday (05.03.2014) showing that violence against women in the European Union is still rife. The report "shows that physical, sexual and psychological violence against women is an extensive human rights abuse in all EU Member States," according to agency director Morten Kjaerum.

The agency interviewed 42,000 women between the ages of 18 and 74 from across the bloc, making it the world's largest report on violence against women to date.

Violence against women is a problem around the world. DW takes a look at the problem - and the ways people are fighting back.

Taking control of their rights

Widespread abuse