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Stella Nyanzi: Radical Rudeness for Women's Rights in Uganda

April 28, 2022

Poet Stella Nyanzi has dedicated her life and freedom to fighting for women's rights in her native Uganda. Speaking out against President Yoweri Museveni has already landed her in prison twice.

Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: Annabelle Steffes-Halmer/DW

Today, she lives in exile in Germany - but she's more determined than ever to inspire change with her words.


Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: Julius Mugambwa/DW

Isaac Ssemakadde: A Ugandan rebel with a cause

He's stylish, he's smart - and he wins his cases. Lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde works hard to defend human rights in Uganda. And his rebellious nature has won him plenty of allies. 


Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: Kariuki Gicira/DW

The young poet bringing hope to Kibera  

Hope Wambui is on a mission to change the perception of Kenya's biggest slum, Kibera. A champion of mental health, she holds workshops and performances to raise awareness - and hope.



Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: Sasha Gankin/DW

Meet Laetitia Ky: Ivory Coast's hair-sculpting heroine

Could Laetitia Ky be the Picasso of afro hair? The Ivorian artist tackles taboo issues from abortion to sexism and racism - all by sculpting her own hair!


Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: Adrian Kriesch/DW

Beetles and Benzes: Discovering Khartoum's classic car scene

Sudan usually makes the headlines for its economic and political crises: But did you know the capital Khartoum is home to a lively classic car scene? Old Mercedes Benzes cruise the streets and ancient Beetles putter along, lovingly kept alive by passionate fans.



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