Statue of African drug dealer erected in Berlin′s notorious Görlitzer Park | News | DW | 30.10.2019
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Statue of African drug dealer erected in Berlin's notorious Görlitzer Park

The statue was placed as part of a small demonstration in support of drug dealers. Three weeks earlier, anti-immigrant protesters gathered in the park.

An artist erected a statue of a drug dealer in Berlin's notorious Görlitzer Park as part of a solidarity event with those plying their trade.

French-American artist Scott Holmquist erected the 3-meter tall (10 feet) statue dubbed "Last Hero" as part of a 24-hour sit-in demonstration from Sunday to Monday morning. It was later removed by organizers.

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Holmquist organized the event under the motto: "Solidarity and human rights — also for drug dealers."

The statue of a black bagman holding a cell phone drew criticism from police who are constantly battling crime in what is known across the country as an open drug market.

A spokesperson from the police union, Benjamin Jendro, expressed disgust at the drug dealer statue.

"Erecting a statue for drug dealers sends the wrong message," the Berliner Morgenpost quoted him as saying. It is not only a "slap in the face to our colleagues, but also residents, who feel uncomfortable and insecure due to the presence of criminals," he said. 

The event came in response to a demonstration organized by the far-right Pegida movement at Görlitzer Park three weeks ago. Protected by 140 police, Pegida followers criticized the absence of rule of law in the park.

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Holmquist previously stirred controversy when he organized an exhibition about 13 African drug dealers and their often difficult journey to reach Germany.

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Berlin: A park keeper and the dealers

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