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Sports Betting in Africa

March 19, 2021

We shed light on the world of sports betting in Africa. An agribusiness entrepreneur teaches soilless farming; Ghanaian fashionistas hit the runway with designs made of litter; and we’ll take you around Bobo-Dioulasso.

DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW
DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW

Gambling - the temptation of easy money

Sports betting is often advertised, and disguised, as part of the game: you, your friends, and a bit of money on your favorite team. But it's addictive, costly and it's big business across Africa.


Kenia | Sportwetten
Image: Ras Mutabaruka/TAP Magazine

Gambling Vox Pops

Is Gambling more than just a harmless hobby? We asked 77 Percenters in Ghana and Nigeria.




DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW

Local Gem - Young engineering student builds ATM prototype

In the first of our “Local Gem” series, we meet Cameroonian engineering student, Derick Nyutsem. Seeing a dearth of reliable ATMs, or cash machines, in his city Bamenda, Derick built his own prototype of a low-cost, “made in Cameroon” ATM. Let the money rain!


DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW

Nigeria's Soilless Farming Pioneer

Samson Ogbole sees agribusiness as the root of sustainable development and job creation. The head trainer at Farm Lab in Ogun State, south-western Nigeria believes agriculture must be business-minded, technology-driven and climate smart. And Ogbole is keen to pass on his knowledge to others.


DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW

Making fancy clothes from plastic

Two young fashion designers in Ghana are focusing on upcycling and sustainable fashion. We join them as they hold a virtual fashion show, visit schools to raise awareness for the environment, and promote their label.


DW Sendung The 77 Percent
Image: DW

My City: Bobo-Dioulasso

Burkina Faso’s second biggest city Bobo-Dioulasso is a transit hub in the region: But it's not just trucks, trains and travelers passing through. Choreographer Aguibou Bougabali Sanou shows us that his city is a hotbed for cultural exchange, food, and most importantly, dance.



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