Ski season wraps up on Germany′s Feldberg | DW Travel | DW | 13.04.2015
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Ski season wraps up on Germany's Feldberg

As temperatures on the Feldberg in the Black Forest on Sunday reached double digits, skiers enjoyed one last day of winter fun in slightly slushy snow - while down in the valley the first sun bathers were out and about.

Lift operators on their official webpage announced that the winter sports season ended with temperatures measuring just over ten degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit). The remaining snow in the coming days will be subjected to ever rising temperatures - expected this week to climb up to 16 degrees Celsius.

The Feldberg ski area is the last in Germany's south-west to close for the season. The ski lift operators on the last day promised up to 26 centimeters of snow on the slopes where the last snowfall had been at the beginning of April. The mountain lifts will re-open for summer business in the middle of May. The area around the 1,493 meter (4,898 ft.) summit is the largest and most important ski region in Baden-Württemberg. According to the lift operators this winter it was visited by over 400,000 skiers.

In the glacier region around the Zugspitze in the Alps the ski season will continue until Sunday 3rd May 2015. Until then all 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) of ski slopes and three toboggan/sled runs on Germany's highest peak will remain open.

sc/jt (dpa,