Sistine Chapel recreated in Mexico | DW Travel | DW | 09.06.2016
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Sistine Chapel recreated in Mexico

Mexicans no longer need to fly to Rome to admire the Sistine Chapel's famous Michelangelo frescoes. With the Vatican's blessing a life-size replica has been installed in Mexico City.

The structure - measuring 22 meters (72 ft.) in height, 67 meters (187 ft.) length and 28 meters (92 ft.) broad - is now open to visitors and will remain so until June 30th. It is located on the Republic Square facing the Monument to the revolution.
To recreate famous frescos, including those by Michelangelo, some 2.7 million digital images are projected in the interior. Project organizers say it is the first time the Vatican has granted permission for the Sistine Chapel to be replicated.
The project was organized in the run up to the Pope's planned visit to the city in February. It is to offer Mexicans the chance to admire the chapel and its frescoes, including the Genesis and Judgment scenes by Michelangelo.

is/ks/sbc (dpa/KNA)