Show us your favorite Bundesliga souvenir | Bundesliga | DW | 28.04.2015
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Show us your favorite Bundesliga souvenir

From rubber duckies to shower gel, from pyjamas to bed sheets: there are plenty of weird and wonderful Bundesliga souvenirs out there. We want to see your most unique piece of German football memorabilia.

There's no end to the souvenirs that Bundesliga clubs produce for their fans. Some of the items are pretty cool - but there are other things that are definitely not so cool! We want to see the most unique Bundesliga souvenir that you have picked up over the years. Even if it is a bit embarrassing.

Just take a picture of yourself with your souvenir and upload it below or send it to us via Twitter @dw_sports or on Facebook. All the best photos will land in a gallery to be published online, and the owner of the quirkiest Bundesliga memorabilia will get a mystery football souvenir from us in return.