Sex, lies & videotape: Is Trump finished? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 13.10.2016
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Sex, lies & videotape: Is Trump finished?

Bragging about sexual assault is even more vulgar than many Americans expected from Donald Trump. Since the 2005 recording of Trump was released, dozens of Republican leaders have withdrawn support. Has Hillary Clinton already wrapped up the race for the White House?

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Our guests:

Alison Smale is the Berlin bureau chief of the New York Times. She says: "I never believed Donald Trump would win. But a lot of things have turned out differently in this election. That's why I am very careful when it comes to predictions."



Ulrike Herrmann is a business editor at the Berlin daily taz. She says: “Trump's problem isn't his sexism. It's that he talked about sex. I can't imagine Trump will be elected President".



Alan Posener is an author and commentator for the daily newspaper Die Welt. He says: “Trump was right: He just said what Bill Clinton did. As this sinks in, Trump might even gain from the episode.”