Second chance for Bayern Munich as the final ′comes home′ | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 24.09.2019
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Second chance for Bayern Munich as the final 'comes home'

UEFA have awarded the final of the 2022 Champions League to Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena. The event is already being looked forward to in Munich, not least because it offers the opportunity to heal old wounds.

They do not like to remember each other in Munich, at least the red part of the city. It is May 19, 2012 in the Allianz Arena, the final of the Champions League between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. The clock is close to midnight when Bastian Schweinsteiger starts on penalties and the ball, deflected by Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, claps the right post. Ironically it‘s Schweinsteiger: the Great Bavarian, the eternal hero.

Didier Drogba can not be deterred by the whistles as he secures Chelsea their first and only European Cup at the expense of Bayern, whose dream of a home win in Munich is over.  For months they had been working towards the big goal, they were the better team in this final, they had chances, but Chelsea had Drogba.

Bayern's Champions League success a year later in London was more of a consolation fort he previous year. How nice it could have been for Bayern to head downtown to Munich directly from their stadium — but in just three years‘ time Bayern will have that chance again.UEFA has awarded the final 2022 to Munich. It will be the fourth time the city has hosted the final following 1993, 1997 and 2012.

"On behalf of FC Bayern, I would like to thank UEFA and its President Aleksander Ceferin for their confidence," said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, CEO of Bayern, about the decision. "I am convinced that the city of Munich and FC Bayern will jointly organize a football festival in which we will present ourselves to the world in a professional and modern way, while at the same time being sympathetic and home-loving." Also Rainer Koch, Vice President of the German Football Association (DFB), was satisfied. "This decision shows that German football, even without a seat on international committees, continues to enjoy the highest regard in UEFA," he said.

Good investment

First estimates indicate that the city of Munich will have an outlay of 8.6 million euros to host the event, covering costs security and mobility expenses, communication and marketing, volunteer and supporting program.

Fußball | Chelsea London | Didier Drogba (Getty Images/AFP/J. Macdougall)

Chelsea's victory in the 2012 Champions League final in Munich still haunts some Bayern fans.

But the money is well spent. Christina Warta from the sports department of the Bavarian state capital tells DW: "Refunds by national and international visitors to the hotel, catering, trade and transport sectors are expected." For the 2012 final, the city of Munich received 39,500 overnight guests with 104,000 overnight stays and 139,500 day visitors. Around 47.6 million euros are said to have been spent in the city over the course of the final weekend, and this is before ticket sales, fan merchandise or beers and sausages outside the stadium.

In May 2022, Bayern could do what it was denied ten years earlier: to win the most coveted club cup in the world. From the then team four players could still be used: Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng and David Alaba. And surely they will also invite Bastian Schweinsteiger. His tears may have dried but the sting from the lost home final is still sitting.

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