Seasonally Adjusted Jobless Figures Rise | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 05.10.2004
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Seasonally Adjusted Jobless Figures Rise

The number of people looking for work in Germany, the biggest eurozone economy, technically fell to 10.3 percent of the workforce in September, the Federal Labor Agency announced. But when adjusted for seasonal factors, the jobless figures actually rose, for the ninth month in a row. Some 90,000 fewer people went looking for work in September compared with august, or 4.26 million altogether. But unemployment usually decreases at this time of year at the start of the school term and as factories reopen after summer holidays. Adjusted for seasonal factors, the number of people claiming welfare in Germany rose by 27,000 to 4.445 million in September from August, separate data published by the Bundesbank showed. It was the ninth month in a row that the seasonally adjusted jobless total has risen. (AFP)