Saving Colombia′s rich birdlife | Global Ideas | DW | 23.08.2016
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Global Ideas

Saving Colombia's rich birdlife

Colombia is home to the world's largest bird diversity, but many species are under threat. One conservation group is doing its best to save them. It's counting on the help of the hordes of bird-watchers to the region.

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The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a misty mountain range overlooking the Caribbean coast of northern Colombia. The cloud forests here are a rich treasure trove of biodiversity, teeming with endemic species of plants and animals. The region is home to over 300 bird species, including the vivid Santa Marta parakeet which is now threatened with extinction. Members of conservation group "Pro Aves" are battling to save the bird through a combination of reforestation measures, nest boxes, protection zones and awareness campaigns. And they are counting on the many avid bird-watchers to the region to help them in the fight to save Colombia’s feathered creatures.

A film by Michael Altenhenne

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