Queen′s Speech: May′s priority is ′best possible′ Brexit deal | News | DW | 21.06.2017
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Queen's Speech: May's priority is 'best possible' Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged "the best possible deal" in Brexit negotiations as Queen Elizabeth II laid out her government. US President Donald Trump's potential visit was omitted from the queen's speech.

In a brief speech to British parliament at the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster, Queen Elizabeth II laid out Theresa May's government focusing on "the best possible deal" in Brexit negotiations.

"My government's priority is to secure the best possible deal as my country leaves the European Union," the queen said. "As we enter the negotiation phase we will look to intensify this work in order to test and validate positions and to continue to build support from the business community as we move forward."

"My government will seek to maintain a deep and special partnership with European allies and seek new trade partners around the world."

Großbritannien London - Queen Speech (picture-alliance/PA Wire)

Queen Elizabeth II lays out Prime Minister Theresa May's government

Brexit diary 1 - the start

The speech included the proposal of a "Great Repeal Bill" that would convert EU rules into UK law.

May's Conservative party had its standing diminished after snap electionsearlier this month, losing 13 seats and its majority in parliament. The prime minister has said she is convinced parliament will support her "broad program."

"This is a broad program for government that we've put forward, we think it's a good program for government, we think it's a program ... that the whole house can get behind," May's spokesman said.

"The prime minister has also said that the election did not deliver the results we had hoped for and that we will reflect on the reasons for that, and will govern with humility in the national interest and I think you can see that reflected in what we put forward today."

Queen Elizabeth II was accompanied by Price Charles to the House of Lords after the Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized with an infection.

Trump left out

There was no mention of a planned state visit by United States president Donald Trump. May had extended him an invitation in January.

Reports have emerged that Trump's visit was postponed amid fears that it would attract mass public protests and undermine May's efforts to build a closer bond with the US president.

It is customary for the Queen to list state visits during the speech, and the monarch did mention a visit coming up next month by Spain's King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

dv/rc (AFP, Reuters)