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Putin’s power game: High stakes, low returns?

February 17, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a high-stakes game. With Russian troops surrounding Ukraine, will threats get him what he wants? Our guests: Alexander Rahr, Russia expert, Regina Heller, Peace Researcher (IFSH), Roman Goncharenko (DW)

To the Point Alexander Rahr
Image: DW

Alexander Rahr heads the Russian industry association in Germany and publishes frequently on Russian issues. His opinion: "Scholz would like to do more of his own Russian policy in Moscow, but the US and the UK are forcing him to abide by the transatlantic consensus.” 

 To the Point Regina Heller
Image: DW


Regina Heller, Conflict researcher, Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, says: "Finding a new security architecture for Europe that is equitable for all stakeholders is like squaring a circle.”

To the Point Roman Goncharenko
Image: DW



Roman Goncharenko, from Ukraine Redaktion of the Deutsche Welle says: 
„Russia has given the West and Ukraine more time to raise the white flag. War is still possible”.

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