Prague′s astronomical clock moves again | DW Travel | DW | 27.09.2018
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Prague's astronomical clock moves again

For nine months, Prague tourists had to do without the famous astronomical clock at the Old Town Hall. This Friday the centuries-old mechanism will be set in motion again.

On Friday, September 28, the figures of the apostles and the hands of the historic clockwork from 1410 will once again move before the public's eyes in Prague's Old Town from 6 p.m. onwards.

A painter examines a restored copy of the calendar illustrations (picture-alliance/dpa/P. David Josek)

Last check before recommissioning

Every hour on the hour, the figures of the Twelve Apostles will once again appear as usual at the little door. On the square in front of the town hall, a crowd visitors from all over the world will form regularly. 

Prague's astronomical clock (picture-alliance/dpa/G. Flegar)

"Orloj" in Prague

The famous Prague clock is probably the oldest astronomical clock in the world that is still in operation. Among other things, it also shows the phases of the moon. The first major restoration in decades took place despite a legend that says the country is threatened by war and disaster if the clock stops one day.

is/ks (dpa)


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