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Pope Francis praises DW InfoMigrants project

Jane Mcintosh
July 4, 2017

Pope Francis has sent a message to the InfoMigrants.net portal, a joint project of DW, Italy's ANSA and France's Media Monde. His encouragement came as Austria threatened to activate border controls to block migrants.

Pope Francis holds up a lifejacket worn by a young person who drowned in the Mediterranean sea trying to reach Europe. Photo taken May 2016.
Image: Getty Images/AFP/V. Pinto

In a message from the Vatican on Tuesday, Pope Francis praised the work of the news service for migrants, a partnership between three major European media outlets including Deutsche Welle.

"I am close with affection and encouragement to those institutions, associations and individuals who open up wisely to the migratory phenomenon with interventions of support, bearing witness to the human and Christian values that are the base of European civilization," Pope Francis said.

The Infomigrants portal , co-financed by the European Union, is published in French, Arabic and English and is aimed at migrants "to counter misinformation at every point of their journey," and provide "verified and balanced information" to help them avoid being tricked by people smugglers.

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