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Poland: A cafe in Krakow that changes lives

Adrianna Borowicz
March 21, 2024

Many disabled adults in Poland have poor job prospects, which makes it hard for them to become financially independent. Spoleczna Cafe, which was founded in Krakow a year ago, wants to change all that. It employs people with Down syndrome. The work has made a real difference to its employees' lives.


Spoleczna Cafe in the southern Polish city of Krakow is one of only three cafes in Poland that employs adults with disabilities — in this case, people with Down syndrome

The cafe has had a considerable impact on the lives of the people who work there. Many disabled adults in Poland have poor job prospects, so having a job like this allows them to earn their own money and learn independence.

The project has been a great success. So much so that many other people with disabilities would like to work there. DW visited the cafe and spoke to some of the people involved. 

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