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Peru's Boluarte withdraws ambassador to Mexico amid row

February 25, 2023

Peru's President Dina Boluarte ordered the withdrawal of the ambassador to Mexico in response to comments by Mexican President Obrador calling her government unconstitutional.

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte
Obrador made derisive comments about Boluarte's popularity in Peru.Image: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

President Dina Boluarte announced on Friday the withdrawal of Peru's ambassador to Mexico.

Boluarte said the Peru was recalling its ambassador in response to comments made by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who called her government unconstitutional.

She accused Obrador of hurting ties and backing former President Pedro Castillo's attempt at a "coup d'etat."

"With his statements, Mr. Lopez violates the principle of international law about non-interference in internal affairs, as well as those referring to the defense and promotion of democracy," she said in a television address.

Boluarte's presidency came amid Castillo's impeachment

Boluarte assumed the presidency on December 7 after Castillo was impeached, following an attempt to dissolve Congress.

On Friday, Obrador told reporters at a conference that Mexico will continue to support Castillo, as he was "illegally ousted."

Obrador said polls show Boluarte, whom he termed "the spurious president," had received a 15% appproval rating while 85% disapprove.

Even though 90% reject the new government, Obrador argued slightly inflating the numbers he previously gave, "they rule with bayonets and with repression, force," he asserted of Peru's parliament.

In a statement, Boluarte said with the ambassador's withdrawal, diplomatic relations between Peru and Mexico "formally remain at the level of charge d'affaires."

In December, Peru expelled Mexico's ambassador Pablo Monroy on charges of political meddling.

tg/ar  (AP, Reuters)