Pep Guardiola: ′I′m like a woman, I can handle two things at once′ | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 05.02.2016
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Pep Guardiola: 'I'm like a woman, I can handle two things at once'

Press conferences are largely predictable affairs, but Pep Guardiola's ahead of Bayern Munich's game against Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday was special. The Spaniard appeared to be one grumpy man.

Pep Guardiola delivered one of the most remarkable press conferences ever on Friday morning, ahead of Bayern Munich's trip to Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday. Clearly in an irritable mood, the Spaniard stayed to answer all the questions posed even when the club's press officer was happy to leave earlier.

After news earlier in the week that Guardiola will be Manchester City's head coach from next season, the topic of discussion in the press conference quickly moved on from the weekend's fixture.

When asked about the conflict between working with Bayern now and planning Manchester City's squad, Guardiola replied with a smile: "I'm like a woman, I can handle two things at once. It is no problem for me."

Clearly irritated by the constant posing of questions about his future job, Guardiola tried to keep it simple: "I won't speak about Manchester City until June. I will talk about Manchester in England."

Guardiola delivers the Spanish inquisition

It didn't take long though, before he had to address the subject: "I know it is different, that it has never happened before, a head coach leaving Bayern, normally Bayern leaves the head coach, but we have four months... I can live with this situation. I already experienced it in Barcelona."

A frustrated Guardiola went on, lamenting a lack of trust: "Head coaches don't get any respect anymore. It doesn't matter what we say. Why don't you write about the wonderful words I say to my players before the game? I am here because I have to be here," said the Spaniard, before adding: "I don't know why head coaches give press conferences anymore."

Guardiola also suggested the level of football questions from journalists in Germany hadn't been as tactical as he might have hoped: "There are newspapers here in Germany that haven't asked me about football since I arrived... I love talking about football, talking about why a back three or a back four."

The clash against Leverkusen on the weekend was eventually addressed. "We have missed Holger [Badstuber] a lot in the last two years. He's a Bayern fan. He has a huge heart. He has a great left foot and is a top, top player," said Guardiola.

New-signing Serdar Tasci "will train again in two-three days. He will help us. He's experienced, quick and good on the ball," said Guardiola of the former Stuttgart player, who missed the press conference in which he was to be unvieled earlier this week due to concussion.

Guardiola said Bayern were "definitely facing one of the best teams in Germany" on the weekend, but that Leverkusen were not just Chicharito and Stefan Kiessling. Leverkusen head coach Roger Schmidt said his team would have to have "a super day. We have to be brave, but we want to win."

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