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Clinton candidacy inevitable

Ines Pohl
Ines Pohl
February 28, 2016

After Hillary Clinton's victory in the South Carolina primary, she should be treated as the front-runner for the Democratic Party's nomination. Bernie Sanders must stop attacking Clinton, DW's Ines Pohl writes.

USA: South Carolina - Sieg Hillary Clinton
Image: Reuters/J. Ernst

There are many good reasons to like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Who wouldn't support his demands for affordable education? Who wouldn't agree with his criticism of a political system in which everything is for sale? His courage for clearly professing his convictions is admirable - especially because he knows how risky it is in a country where leaning left is considered to be communism, which to an American ear means "evil." Sanders may have broad appeal, but he has less promise.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won South Carolina's Democratic primary by 47.5 percentage points. For the first time in the 2016 campaign, she managed to mobilize a broad majority, comprising young, old, men and women.

DW's Ines Pohl

The former senator from New York's victory in South Carolina brings her a step closer to representing the Democrats in the general election. Sanders should finally realize that he is no match for Clinton's meticulously planned campaign - and he should withdraw. Saturday's result has made it clear that Sanders will not be able to achieve any majorities on a national level.

It is becoming all the more likely that Donald Trump will indeed clinch the Republican nomination, and that is nothing to joke about. The time for lighthearted experimentation is up. It would be ill-advised to allow attacks on former first lady Clinton from within the Democrats. She has already been targeted enough, and she needs all of her party's support if she is to win.

The Democrats have sensed this, and the takeaway from South Carolina is that they must unite. It is quite possible that that Clinton's overwhelming victory can be attributed to people who had never wanted to support her but now see her as the only hope of averting a disaster in the general election against Trump - and that is good enough.

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Ines Pohl
Ines Pohl Bureau head of DW's Washington Studio@inespohl