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Ines Pohl
Image: DW/P. Böll

Ines Pohl

US domestic and foreign affairs, US-Chinese economic relations, diversity, media politics

As bureau chief, Ines Pohl is in charge of reporting from the US. The focus is always on people and the question of what still keeps this country together.

Changes of perspective are vital for keeping Ines curious and alert. After six years as editor-in-chief of the German daily taz, Ines covered the 2016 US presidential elections for Deutsche Welle before returning to Berlin and Bonn as DW's editor-in-chief. In her three years in that position, she worked with DW colleagues on enhancing the profiles of the 30 language services and put a focus on developing DW's social media presence toward the future. Back in the US as bureau chief, she tries to report not just on what is happening here and why but also to reflect on any implications it may have for democracy as a whole.

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