Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina Democratic Primary: exit polls | News | DW | 28.02.2016
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Hillary Clinton wins South Carolina Democratic Primary: exit polls

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic Primary in South Carolina. She was congratulated by her rival Bernie Sanders, who said he "won't stop now," going into next week's Super Tuesday.

Clinton's social media team was quick to celebrate the win:

Several networks projected Clinton's win over rival Bernie Sanders on Saturday. Sanders congratulated Clinton but said the campaign was just beginning. He had won a "decisive victory" in New Hampshire on February 10, and now Clinton had done the same in South Carolina.

It is the former secretary of state's third victory in four Democratic contests and confirms her place as the strong front-runner for the party's nomination for the November 8 presidential election.

The primary reflected a strength among black voters, who make up more than half of the party's primary electorate in South Carolina.

USA Vorwahl Demokraten in South Carolina - Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton arriving at Columbia, South Carolina

Many have questioned whether Sanders, a senator from Vermont, can compete away from the liberal Northeast. Sanders said on Saturday that his "grassroots political revolution" was growing "state by state." He said he "won't stop now."

The result comes ahead of next week's Super Tuesday voting in 11 states.

With 53 delegates at stake, Clinton will receive at least 31. Bernie Sanders will pick up at least 12.

Clinton already holds a large lead among superdelegates, the party leaders and members of Congress who can support any candidate. Including superdelegates, Clinton now has at least 536 delegates while Sanders has at least 83. It takes 2,383 delegates to win the nomination.

jm/jr (Reuters, AFP)

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