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Now you can visit the Rolling Stones' 1962 apartment

November 16, 2016

Rock star Mick Jagger had a team re-create the first London apartment he and his band mates shared in 1962, complete with dirty dishes, beer bottles and blues records placed throughout the flat.

The Rolling Stones 1964
Image: Getty Images

When Mick Jagger was coming up with ideas for an exhibition highlighting The Rolling Stones' five-decade long career, he wanted to re-create the mood of the band in its early years. "The building is still there - it's not a building that's been knocked down or anything, it's right around the corner from where I actually live now," Jagger said. "It's very redolent of the space and it smells like it and feels like it.I just remembered how it really was," he added. "There were a lot of places like that in the early '60s ... you wouldn't want to live there now," drummer Charlie Watts said.

Shortly after forming the band "Mick, Brian, and Keith move into this flat in Chelsea in the summer of 1962. It had two rooms and no bathroom. After a gig at the Crawdaddy Club, Mick invites the Beatles back to the Edith Grove flat. The Beatles accept, and are disgusted at how filthy the flat was." (source: MusicTrekker.com)

The Stones also re-created their recording studio, complete with original instruments, for "Exhibitionism - The Rolling Stones," the band's exhibit that debuted at Industria in New York City after launching in London earlier this year. It includes colorful tour outfits, Jagger's lyric book, Keith Richards' 1963 diary, Watts' toy drum kit and various photographs, from posters to magazine covers. The exhibit runs in New York through March 12, 2017.

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