New Berlin app leads along the path of freedom | DW Travel | DW | 14.09.2018
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New Berlin app leads along the path of freedom

Now tourists can digitally trace the history of the German capital. The new app ABOUT BERLIN takes you to authentic locations and touching events throughout Berlin on the path of freedom.

The app is intended to bring Berlin to life as a city of freedom and oppression.  A total of 200 episodes in sound and vision tell of historical events and places, including the Schöneberg Town Hall, Alexanderplatz, the Hohenschönhausen Memorial ( a former Stasi secret police prison) or the Topography of Terror Documentation Center. It is all about oppression and revolution, idealism and pleasure-seeking, innovation and decay, imprisonment and freedom - and a new insight into Berlin. 

Gedenken zum Mauerbau vor 54 Jahren (picture-alliance/dpa/R.Jensen)

Façade photo at the Wall Memorial Bernauer Straße

"We show Berlin as an authentic place of history and invite you to look for traces," says Burkhard Kieker, Managing Director of visitBerlin. "At every corner of Berlin you will find evidence of the changing history of the 20th century; our app presents all the moments which illustrate the struggle for freedom and fighting a lack of freedom".

The ABOUT BERLIN app is available for free in German and English. It was developed for Android and iOS smartphones. After download and installation it can also be used offline on the road. A WLAN connection is recommended for the download. The application can be downloaded in most app stores under the name ABOUT BERLIN.

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