Mustafa Sari: Rescuing Fish in Lake Van | Social Entrepreneurs | DW | 12.08.2008
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Social Entrepreneurs

Mustafa Sari: Rescuing Fish in Lake Van

Mustafa Sari is well known along the shores of Lake Van in eastern Turkey. He's responsible for saving the fish - and thereby the livelihood of thousands of local residents.


In the past, Lake Van was fished to the limit, and by the early 1990s there were hardly any fish left. Until Mustafa Sari came. He explained to fishermen that giving fish time to breed was in their own best interest.

It took years of persuasion to overturn tradition - but his work has saved the lake's fish population. Stocks have recovered and nets are full again. Now Mustafa Sari is turning his attention to improving efficiency, like introducing refrigerated warehouses so that fewer fish go to waste.

The Schwab Foundation has chosen to honor Mustafa Sari as a Social Entrepreneur.