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Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was a representative of Dutch Post-Impressionism. He produced more than 2,100 artworks in his short career, including 860 oil paintings.

As a young man, Vincent van Gogh worked for art dealers in The Hague, London and Paris where he discovered the work of French Impressionists. During his stay in Arles, van Gogh developed his highly expressive and recognizable style using bright colors and broad brushstrokes. His works include portraits, self-portraits, still lifes and landscapes. Among his most famous paintings is his series "Sunflowers." Tragically, van Gogh, who frequently suffered from poverty, mental illness and solitude, remained largely unnoticed by the art world until he committed suicide at age 37, to be later discovered by the German Impressionists and Fauvism artists. He is often seen as a misunderstood genius.

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