Munich mayor extends Oktoberfest invite to US President Barack Obama | News | DW | 18.01.2017
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Munich mayor extends Oktoberfest invite to US President Barack Obama

The outgoing US president has said he would like to visit Germany's famed beer festival as a private citizen. Now, the mayor of Munich has welcomed him to do just that.

The office of Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter confirmed on Tuesday it had invited outgoing US President Barack Obama to the annual Oktoberfest celebration.

Obama has repeatedly stated his desire to take part in the country's largest festival, which draws more than six million guests to the Bavarian capital each year. He last raised the subject in November during his final European tour as president.

"I have somehow continued to miss Oktoberfest, so that's probably something that is better for me to do as a former president rather than as president. I'll have more fun," he said during a press conference alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

If Obama were to accept the invitation, he could be one of two outgoing presidents to be designated official guests of this year's celebration. German President Joachim Gauck, who announced this past summer that he wouldn't seek a second term, has also been invited by the mayor.

This year's Oktoberfest is set to take place from September 16th through October 3rd.

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