Merkel? No thanks! | Reporter - On Location | DW | 24.02.2018
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Merkel? No thanks!

Kevin Kühnert is a young SPD activist who's taken on the leadership of his party. Kühnert wants to stop the SPD from joining a coalition with the CDU and CSU, so he's trying to get party members to vote against it.

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The Conservatives and the SPD have agreed to form a "grand coalition" government -- but it's not yet a done deal. Rank-and-file SPD members will have to vote on it. At this point, the vote could go either way. Many fear that the SPD could fall below 20-percent in the next federal election. Kevin Kühnert is the chairman of the SPD's youth organization -- and he's leading the opposition to the coalition. Kühnert has been travelling around the country, urging party members to vote 'no.' If that happens, chancellor Merkel will have to try again to form a government.There's even a chance that a new federal election could be held. Merkel? Nein Danke The SPD's Coalition Backlash A Report by Marc Erath