Loyalists turn out for Trump at small rallies in US | News | DW | 04.03.2017
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Loyalists turn out for Trump at small rallies in US

Donald Trump's supporters have convened at spots scattered around the United States to show their loyalty to the new president. In some towns, they clashed verbally with counterprotesters; in others, they scuffled.

Supporters of embattled President Donald Trump held small rallies in an estimated 28 of the US's 50 states on Saturday - their intended counterpoint to the wave of protests that have taken place since his election in November and inauguration in January. Dozens of people turned out at Colorado's state capitol, more than 100 rallied at the Washington Monument, and hundreds more took to the streets near the president's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida for Saturday's "March 4 Trump" demonstrations.

In Manhattan, a couple hundred supporters gathered in front of Trump's eponymous tower and chanted "U-S-A" and held signs reminding Americans that "yes, he is our president." Dueling demonstrators did battle at Minnesota's state capitol, but cooler-headed fellow protesters and police on the scene quickly defused all that. From various points in the country, Trump's supporters shared their favorite moments from the rallies on social media.

Near Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach Post newspaper reported, people with differing opinions on Trump and his presidency exchanged profanities with one another. Trump's motorcade briefly stopped so he could wave at supporters. 

After an improbable and extremely divisive campaign, Trump was awarded the US presidency despite losing the popular vote to his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Protests held in Britain in February against a potential upcoming visit by the president drew larger numbers than Saturday's rallies in the United States. 

mkg/jm (Reuters, AP)

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