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Lisa Franchetti becomes first woman to lead US Navy

November 3, 2023

The historic promotion means Admiral Lisa Franchetti will be the first woman to command the US Navy and to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Lisa Franchetti, seen here, is also the second woman in the US Navy to be promoted to four-star admiral
Lisa Franchetti is also the second woman in the US Navy to be promoted to four-star admiralImage: U.S. Department of Defense/Handout via REUTERS

The US Senate has voted to confirm Admiral Lisa Franchetti's nomination to lead the Navy.

Franchetti will be the first woman to serve as the Navy's top officer as well the first to serve as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

She was approved as Chief of Naval Operations in a 95-1 vote. Her historic promotion had been delayed for months.

Military promotions stalled

When she was tapped by President Joe Biden in July, Franchetti joined a growing contingent of senior general and flag officers whose promotions were held up by a Republican senator.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has blocked nominees in protest of the Pentagon's travel policy for service members seeking an abortion.

After the Supreme Court last year overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling recognizing a constitutional right to abortion, the Pentagon said it would cover travel costs for service members who have to fly out of state for an abortion because of their state's laws.

Several states have limited abortion access since Roe v. Wade was overturned. The military argues that service members should not be denied access to an abortion because they cannot choose where they are stationed.

38 years of experience

Franchetti is a surface warfare officer who has commanded at all levels, including a naval destroyer and two stints as an aircraft carrier strike group commander.

She brings with her 38 years of experience and is the second woman in the US Navy to be promoted to a four-star admiral.

After Franchetti's confirmation, General David W. Allvin was confirmed as the next Air Force chief of staff.

Marine Corps Lt. General Christopher Mahoney was confirmed as assistant commandant of the Marine Corps.

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