Leverkusen′s Spahic under investigation for assault | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 10.04.2015
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Leverkusen's Spahic under investigation for assault

This has not been a good week for Emir Spahic. His team Leverkusen went out against Bayern in the German Cup. And now a criminal complaint has been filed against him for a post-match fracas with security.

All of Leverkusen's player felt hard done by after their exit on penalties from the German Cup on Wednesday. But Emir Spahic completely blew a fuse. When security guards refused a group of Spahic's friends entry to the dressing rooms, an incident ensued as a result of which the Cologne prosecutor's office is now investigating the Leverkusen defender.

Spahic's prospects aren't good, especially as a video has appeared on the Internet showing the Bosnian headbutting and punching security officials.

On Friday, the club distanced itself from the defender, saying it supporting all efforts to "unsparingly and completely determine what happened" and announcing that Spahic would apologize. The club's director of communications also called the video of the incident "shocking."

Leverkusen coach Roger Schmidt also gave his view of the incident at his team's Friday press conference.

"Of course, I watched the video," Schmidt said. "That is not the player I know."

"He has an important role for us on the pitch, which involves him having a physical presence," he added. "But, away from the game, he has always conducted himself in a proper matter."

The 34-year-old will be out injured for the next few weeks, so any potential disciplinary action would likely not have much affect on Leverkusen's remaining season. But Spahic's future at the club may be in doubt.

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