Keeping homes cool as the planet heats up | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 19.11.2021

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Keeping homes cool as the planet heats up

Climate change is expected to make heat waves longer and more severe, with catastrophic consequences for our health and economies. The International Energy Agency predicts that energy demand from air conditioners will triple by 2050. But ironically, the more we use these carbon-intensive machines, the more we contribute to global heating. So how do we break that cycle?

Listen to audio 27:28

Interviewees featured in this episode:

Lily Riahi, program manager at the UN Environment Program and coordinator for the Cool Coalition

Bijal Brahmbhatt, civil engineer and director of Mahila Housing SEWA Trust in India

Sarah El Battouty, architect and founder of ECOnsult in Egypt, non-resident scholar at the Middle East Institute

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