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Head shot of a woman (Jelena Djukic-Pejic) with blond, shoulder-length hair
Jelena Djukic-PejicImage: Privat

Jelena Djukic-Pejic

DW Correspondent in Nis, Serbia

Born in 1981, Jelena Djukic-Pejic has been a journalist since 2000. She began her career in regional television and has worked as a photo, text and video journalist.

The focus of Jelena's work as a journalist is on the lives of average people and on society as a whole. She is passionate about photography and reportage. She has been working as a DW correspondent in Serbia since 2016. Before that, she worked for "Cosmo," a radio program on WDR, a public service broadcaster in western Germany.

Jelena is right up to date on the problems facing the countries of the Western Balkans and the latest trends there. She is also actively interested in matters relating to climate change and worked on the DW Academy's "Youth and Media" regional project.

Jelena is based in the Serbian city of Nis.