Is Angela Merkel a feminist? - Interview with Miriam Meckel (E07) | Germany | News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 30.04.2021

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Is Angela Merkel a feminist? - Interview with Miriam Meckel (E07)

Angela Merkel's political career has been marked by many "firsts." But: in her 15 years as German chancellor, what has she done for the equality of the sexes and for moving gender fairness forward? We talk to the woman who publicly posed the question: 'Are you a feminist, Ms. Merkel?' Miriam Meckel did not only find Merkel's reaction surprising, she also tells us where Merkel disappointed her.

Listen to audio 40:38

In this election year, many young people in Germany might well be wondering: Can a man be chancellor? With Angela Merkel at the helm for 15 years, they have never experienced a man in charge. As she entered office it seemed obvious: The first woman chancellor would break the glass ceiling for other women.

We're taking score: What is Angela Merkel's true legacy when it comes to equality of the sexes and moving gender fairness forward?

Miriam Meckel talks to DW's Chief political editor Michaela Küfner on this latest episode of "Merkel's Last Dance."

A professor for media and communication management, Meckel is the one who popped a highly provocative question to Angela Merkel on a panel with Ivanka Trump and the Dutch Queen Maxima. You can find her on Twitter @mmeckel.

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