Politics podcast: Merkel′s last dance | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 09.09.2020
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Angela Merkel

Politics podcast: Merkel's last dance

The era of Angela Merkel is coming to an end. The actions, and inaction, by Germany's chancellor have reshaped Europe for years. Our hosts follow her moves over her last months in office — possibly the toughest yet.

Listen to audio 42:47

Why is Germany behind on tech? - Interview with Katrin Suder (E10)

Do you remember a Germany that wasn't run by Angela Merkel? Many people don't. Germans go to the polls again in late 2021 - and Angela Merkel has already announced she won't run again. Now, with no clear successor, a power vacuum is brewing in Berlin. The coming months will determine Merkel's legacy, and the future of Germany and Europe.

So: How did she get to where she is? How did she manage to stay in power for so long? DW's political team talks to colleagues and critics. Tune in to "Merkel's Last Dance".

Your hosts:

Michaela Küfner, Richard Walker, Max Hofmann, Ines Pohl, Janosch Delcker

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