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In Data We Trust — Founders' Valley (2/5)

December 4, 2018

Everything we do in the digital world involves data. The bits and bytes can serve our interests or be used against us. But without digital trust there can be no digital business. How do startups deal with personal data and cybersecurity?


As the digital revolution unfolds, whether we like it or not, we leave behind trails of data. It has become nearly impossible to remain anonymous. Using algorithms, scientists and businesses can now interpret ever larger amounts of information about us. ‘Big Data’ is being utilized in new ways - to make our lives easier and solve our problems, but also to earn money with our personal information. In terms of internet usage and social media penetration, Thailand is growing at an incredible pace. According to a recent survey, Thais spend an average 9.38 hours per day online, but privacy and data protection are not widely discussed in the country. Young people in particular tend to trust more in technology than in political institutions. Our Founders’ Valley host looks at how startups deal with personal data and cybersecurity. How is social media changing us and the societies we build? And how can we retain control of our digital identity while continuing to reap the benefits?