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How Ghana is using AI to improve food security

Isaac Kaledzi Afram Plains District, east Ghana | Jürgen Schneider
May 13, 2024

Artificial intelligence is helping Ghanaian farmers in the country's east fight crop disease and boost yields.


Younger farmers in Ghana are turning to high-tech solutions such as AI-supported drones used for aerial spraying, watering and surveying. 

Experts are developing and promoting AI tools that also allow them to identify crop infestations at an early stage, so they can react swiftly to prevent the spread of disease. 

Across the country, farmers are struggling to secure their harvests due to a range of problems, from irregular rainfall, rising temperatures and longer dry seasons to an increase in pests and diseases.

In the Afram Plains District, farmer Delia Bedia is pleased with the results so far. But in general AI-supported drones remain a rare sight in rural Ghana. ‘Precision farming’  is only gradually getting off the ground, even though it can save farmers both time and money and in the long run, improve food security.