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Sehenswürdigkeiten in Deutschland
Image: Fotolia/Rainer Albiez

Hohenzollern Castle

Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg
January 5, 2016

Castle Hohenzollern is located at the edge of the Swabian Alb mountains. With its many towers, fortifications and ornate roofs, it is a leading example of German Romanticism castle architecture.


The castle is relatively new, as nothing about it is older than 160 years. This is because today's castle is actually the third one to be built in this place. The initial castle, which was mentioned for the first time in official records in 1267, was destroyed during the 15th century. The second castle fell into ruin over years of neglect. But the third castle, to this day, serves as the private residence and ancestral seat of the imperial house of Hohenzollern, the descendants of German rulers.

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Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg Author, editor, planner, social media manager