Have fun with snow artwork in Nuremberg | DW Travel | DW | 07.02.2018
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Have fun with snow artwork in Nuremberg

An artist from the German-speaking Italian region of South Tyrol created a colourful landscape in front of a museum in Nuremberg on Wednesday using a snow cannon.

Philipp Messner said his artwork was a real balancing act as to prevent the coloured snow from melting. The outside temperature had to be below minus 3 dgrees Celsius before he could start working. The humidity also had to be just right.

The aim of the event was for people to walk through the snow and leave their footprints, creating new patterns and shapes, which many gladly did.

The dye for the snow was natural, originating from vegetables like carrots for example, and was harmless to the environment and participants, the Neues Museum (New Museum) stressed.

is/ks (dpa)