Globetrotters stranded on the Oder River | DW Travel | DW | 14.12.2018
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Globetrotters stranded on the Oder River

Paul and Marietta Kamstra from Holland are stuck on the Oder with their ship "Avontuur". The reason is the low water on the river at the German-Polish border.

The Kamstra couple have already travelled by ship to the remotest corners of all continents. This year they wanted to explore more of Europe. But the extreme drought put an end to their plans.

Weltreisende aus Niederlanden am Fluss Oder gestandet (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Pleul)

Paul and Marietta Kamstra on their promenade deck

The couple's floating home is 25 meters long and five meters wide. It lies behind the Oder dyke in the small harbour of Kienitz in Brandenburg. Paul and Marietta Kamstra have set up a comfortable home on 120 square metres. Two comfortable leather armchairs stand in front of a fireplace, cuddly berths below deck are inviting. Kitchen, shower, workroom - nothing is missing.

Weltreisende aus Niederlanden am Fluss Oder gestandet (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Pleul)

Marietta Kamstra does not have boredom on board - she makes handicrafts


The "Avontuur" (Dutch for adventure), built as early as 1892, is located in a branch of the Oder, where ducks and seagulls cavort. "We have the most beautiful prison I can think of," says Kamstra with a smile. Beavers, otters and white-tailed eagles would have seen them before. At night it is so dark except for a few stars, as it is seldom to be found in civilisation, he enthuses.

The anchor cannot be lifted

The river is treacherous, especially at low tide. "We currently have an average diving depth of one meter. However, the fairway is constantly changing due to the current and vortices in the Oder," says Sebastian Dosch from the Eberswalde Waterway and Shipping Authority. Normal freight traffic on the border river is not in sight as long as there is no abundant precipitation in the Oder catchment area in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Weltreisende aus Niederlanden am Fluss Oder gestandet (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Pleul)

Berth of the "Avontuur" on the Oder in Brandenburg

But the Dutch couple on the ship stays relaxed: "We are in no hurry, live on our ship anyway and enjoy the peace and quiet", says the captain of the "Avontuur".

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