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Ukraine war: Is the West out of touch with the Global South?

Matthias von Hein | Nina Werkhäuser
February 25, 2023

One year after Russia's invasion in Ukraine, there is a rift in the international community. Many countries do not follow the western lead and refuse to condemn Moscow and put sanctions into place. At the Munich Security Conference, Global Eyes met SIPRI director Dan Smith and IISS senior fellow Lynn Kuok. They talk about hunger, the framing of the Ukraine war and different policy priorities.


Ever since Russia started its war, the West has tried to enlist the countries in the Global South to come to the defense of Ukraine. The results have been mixed at best, even though the effects of the Ukraine war are being felt around the globe. The war in Ukraine took center stage at the Munich Security Conference, arguably the most important security conference in Europe. Our Global Eyes hosts Isha Bhatia and William Glucroft were on location for a special episode. Their guests include Lynn Kuok, senior fellow for Asia-Pacific security at International Institute for Strategic Studies, IISS, and Dan Smith, director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI. They talk about hunger, the framing of the Ukraine war, different policy priorities, the US-China rivalry, international law and why the West should treat the Global South with greater respect. 

Editorial team: Nina Werkhäuser and Matthias von Hein

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