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Is diversifying from China creating Jobs in India?

Matthias von Hein | Nina Werkhäuser
December 31, 2022

Global Eyes explores, how India might be profiting from the trend to diversify from China. With experts Arjun Gargeyas and Harsh V. Pant we discuss semiconductors and India´s complex relations with both Taiwan and China.


Months long lockdowns in China have highlighted vulnerabilities in important supply chains. Combined with rising tensions between the US and China that has led many companies to start diversifying from China. In the process, major electronic and semiconductor producers are setting up shop in India, some of them from Taiwan. In this second edition of DW´s new security podcast Global Eyes, hosts Isha Bhatia Sanan and Kate Brady talk with Arjun Gargeyas, who works at the intersection of high-tech and geopolitics and with Professor Harsh V. Pant, Chinaexpert and Vice-President of the Observer Research Foundation in Dehli. A conversation about the strategic role of semiconductors, the relations between India, China and Taiwan - and: Jobs.
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