Germany′s refugee row: Can Merkel survive? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 21.06.2018
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Germany's refugee row: Can Merkel survive?

Chancellor Merkel has her back to the wall as tensions mount in Germany’s refugee row. The question is: Can she come up with a solution to prevent her government from being blown apart? Guests: Pascal Thibaut (RFI), Alan Posener (Die Welt), Anna Sauerbrey (Der Tagesspiegel)

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Pascal Thibaut is Berlin correspondent for Radio France Internationale. He says: "Merkel’s crisis will only bring France and Germany closer together. The struggling chancellor is dependent on support from Paris.” 



Alan Posener is regular columnist for the Berlin daily Die Welt. He says: “Once again, Merkel has defeated an opponent by giving him just enough rope to hang himself with. Horst Seehofer talked the talk but couldn't walk the walk.”



Anna Sauerbrey is head of the opinion pages at another Berlin paper, Der Tagesspiegel. She says: “Angela Merkel is a survivor. But she is now at the mercy of Europe’s populists.”