Germany′s 16 states: Thuringia | DW Travel | DW | 23.10.2019
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Federal States of Germany

Germany's 16 states: Thuringia

Be it Wartburg or Weimar, Goethe or Gropius — the legacy of famous Germans leads to Thuringia. In 2019, the Bauhaus will be the main focus. The school revolutionized architecture 100 years ago.

Those who travel to this federal state in the middle of Germany will find an abundance of cultural sites of national and international importance. But away from the cities, Thuringia is above all one thing: rich in forests and with the 170 km (106 mi) long Rennsteig route ideal for hiking. 

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Travel tips for Thuringia

State capital Erfurt

Thuringia's largest city has an impressive old town center around the cathedral. A famous landmark is the 120 meter (393 ft) long Krämerbrücke bridge, on which half-timbered houses with shops and cafes are lined up close to each other.

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Flying Guide: Erfurt

Classical city of Weimar

Cosmopolitanism, universal educational standards, humanistic striving - these were the aspirations of poets Goethe and Schiller. These eminent visionaries lived 250 years ago in Weimar and left their mark on the Thuringian town. The places where they worked here are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Classic sites in Weimar

Hiking paradise Thuringia

The Rennsteig in the Thuringian Forest is the longest high-altitude hiking trail in Germany. Lukas Stege, presenter of the DW travel magazine Check-in, has picked out his three favorite stations along the 170-kilometer route: the summer toboggan run on the Inselsberg, a wildlife observation station in the biosphere reserve and a sustainable tropical house project — and all in the middle of Europe.

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Hiking along the Rennsteig ridge

Highlight in a 360-degree video

During a city tour of the Thuringian town of Eisenach, visitors repeatedly come across the traces of Martin Luther. A highlight is a visit to Wartburg Castle, where the reformer had been hiding from 1521onwards. During that time he translated the New Testament of the Bible into German in just eleven weeks.

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Your trip to Germany

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