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Germany: Suspect in €8.2 million theft turns herself in

March 20, 2024

Almost three years ago, the woman who worked for a money transport company stole bags of cash, called in sick then fled the country, according to the police.

Hand reaches out for €50 bills
The suspect was responsible for packing cash at a money transport company in Bremen.Image: Frank Sorge/IMAGO

The suspect accused of stealing about €8.2 million ($8.9 million) in cash from a money transport company in the northern German city of Bremen flew back from Turkey and turned herself in to the police.

A 31-year-old woman announced her intention to return through her lawyer and was immediately arrested by police officers upon her arrival at Bremen airport on Tuesday morning, police said in a statement on Wednesday.

The suspect was brought before a judge on Tuesday and remanded in custody. Further questioning and investigations are ongoing, police said.

What do we know about the theft?

As an employee of a money transport company in Bremen, the woman was responsible for packing cash and having it delivered by security transport.

According to police, she stole several bags filled with money on May 21, 2021, and then called in sick to work. Only days later, when the woman had fled the country, was the theft discovered. Since then, a manhunt has been underway for the suspect.

One of the 31-year-old's accomplices has already been convicted of the theft by the Bremen District Court. She was sentenced in 2022 to three years in prison for aiding and abetting the theft in a particularly serious case. Among other things, the accomplice was involved in planning the escape.

Does cash have a future?

dh/fb (dpa, AFP)