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Germany: Security workers go on strike at major airports

March 14, 2022

Security workers have launched a work stoppage at many of Germany's international airports as they demand better pay and working conditions. Hundreds of flights have been canceled.

Verdi strike at Düsseldorf Airport
Long lines formed ahead of the security check at Düsseldorf Airport amid the strikes Image: picture alliance/dpa

Airports across Germany expected massive flight delays and cancellations on Monday after security personnel went on strike at several of the country's international hubs over slumping wages and working conditions.

The employees on strike include workers who check in passengers and their baggage before reaching their gates, along with those who oversee massive cargo operations.

The Verdi labor union announced that the work stoppage would last all day at Berlin, Düsseldorf, Bremen, Hanover, Leipzig and Cologne/Bonn airports. Later in the day, Verdi announced that staff at Munich's airport were also joining the strike. 

On Tuesday, workers are set to strike in Frankfurt, the biggest and busiest airport in the country. Frankfurt Airport has already advised travelers to revise their plans to travel that day if possible.

Airport screens warn travelers that strikes can lead to departure delays
The strikes canceled flights across GermanyImage: picture alliance/dpa

Early in the day, 160 canceled flights had already been announced Düsseldorf. At Cologne/Bonn, 94 flights were canceled, both departures and arrivals. In Berlin, passengers have been stranded over nixed connections.

Workers are demanding a pay rise of at least €1 ($1.10) per hour as conditions for airport personnel have become increasingly strenuous since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pandemic, as well as Russia's invasion of Ukraine, have also caused the cost of living to increase in Germany.  

Further salary negotations are expected to take place on Wednesday and Thursday in Berlin, Verdi said.

es/wd (dpa, Reuters)