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Germany: Knife-wielding man shot dead by police

July 1, 2024

Police shot the attacker at a train station near Nuremberg in southern Germany. The man, who died at the scene, had targeted a police car and officers once they exited the vehicle.

A police vehicle
A police spokesman said the attacker approached officers with a knifeImage: Daniel Lob/dpa/picture alliance

A man wielding a knife who reportedly attacked three officers in southern Germany died after police shot him at a train station on Sunday, according to a police spokesman.

The man died at the scene of the incident in the Bavarian town of Lauf an der Pegnitz, despite first aid measures being initiated, according to the police spokesman.

Man targeted police car before wielding knife on officers

The perpetrator initially targeted a police car, the spokesman reported, and when the officers got out of the vehicle, he proceeded to attack them with a "knife."

The spokesman said the officers were unhurt in the incident, without providing details on the shooting of the attacker. There was also no comment on the identity of the knife-wielding man.

The area in front of the train station was subsequently cordoned off.

A major police operation at the railway station in Bavaria
The town lies 18 kilometers (11 miles) east of Nuremberg in southern GermanyImage: Daniel Lob/dpa/picture alliance

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