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Germany: Helpless hedgehog rescued from milkshake cup

May 5, 2020

Officers came to the rescue of the spiky creature when they found it struggling in the middle of the road. The animal was attracted to the banana smell inside of the cup.

A snapshot of the hedgehog in the road, his head buried in the banana milkshake container. A police officer's hand is in the process of removing it.
Image: Polizei Bremerhaven

German police responded to a different kind of emergency in the small hours of Tuesday morning, rescuing a helpless hedgehog whose snout was stuck in an abandoned plastic drinks container.

Police believe the animal was drawn to the smell of an old banana shake and got its head stuck inside the cup. It was found by officers struggling in the middle of the road, police in the northern city of Bremerhaven said.

The officers then freed it from its trap and released it into a nearby meadow.

Bremerhaven police later tweeted a photo of the little guy with the caption "too tempting."

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The prickly case was reminiscent of that of a hedgehog in Bavaria two years ago, after which police appealed to the public not to carelessly litter, to protect the scavenging animals.

Hedgehogs that have awakened from hibernation are now out and looking for food, and are prone to falling prey to carelessly tossed cups, cans and other food containers. Hedgehogs have protected status in Germany.

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