German sniffer dog makes €1 million drug bust | News | DW | 14.05.2020

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German sniffer dog makes €1 million drug bust

The customs canine had pointed towards a false wall in a lorry, where 132 kilogram of hashish were discovered. The 36-year-old driver claimed he didn't know he was transporting illegal narcotics

Germany's customs office said on Thursday that a sniffer dog named Reese discovered 132 kilograms (290 pounds) of hashishwith a street value of €1.2 million ($1.3 million).

Customs officials conducted a routine check of a lorry driving on the A1 highway between the western cities of Dortmund and Münster. The Polish driver said that to his knowledge, his load did not include illegal contents, including narcotics.

"Customs canine Reese from the main customs office in Münster was used to check the fully-loaded trailer," Germany's customs office said. "The sniffer dog immediately signaled towards the front wall of the trailer."

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The lorry was then taken to an area where its contents could be safely unloaded. During further inspection, customs officials found a secret wall, in which they discovered the hashish load.

Police seized the narcotics and arrested the 36-year-old driver, who was later released pending further investigation.

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