German police face discipline for taking stolen alcohol | News | DW | 26.10.2019
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German police face discipline for taking stolen alcohol

More than 20 officers in the German state of Hesse have been transferred after stolen alcohol went missing from their station. The goods were being kept as evidence in a robbery case.

Prosecutors in the central German city of Darmstadt have opened an investigation after impounded alcohol and other goods went missing from a police station in the small town of Bischofsheim.  

Some 23 officers have been transferred elsewhere pending the investigation for misappropriation, the dpa news agency reported, citing Darmstadt state prosecutors. The South Hesse police department also said it had already instituted disciplinary measures.

The Bild newspaper, which initially reported on the transfer, said that alcohol, cosmetics, confectionary and honey from a robbery were taken from the police station last year. The goods were reported to be worth a total of €8,000 - €10,000 ($8,900 – $11,000) in total.

The newspaper also quoted a notice that it said was hung up in the station, inviting the police officers to take what they wanted, but not to sell anything on.

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