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Securing the peace

December 18, 2009

The German parliament has voted to extend its commitment to the European Union Force in Bosnia for an additional year.

Germany has 120 soldiers deployed in BosniaImage: AP

Germany will be extending its troop deployment in Bosnia for one year. Currently, 120 German soldiers are stationed in the former Yugolavian republic as part of the European Union Force (EUFOR).

German parliamentarians passed the extension with a large majority of 497 out of 571 votes. The Left party was the only party to reject the mission. The cost of German deployment for the next 12 months is estimated at around 13 million euros ($18.6 million).

Parliament also voted to reduce the amount of total allotted troops for the Bosnian mission from 2,400 to 900. The German army says a limit of 900 soldiers will still be enough to contain any sudden flare-up of violence in the region.

There are currently 2,000 international soldiers in Bosnia-Herzegovina. EUFOR was deployed in 1996 under NATO to provide military security to the region as part of the Dayton peace agreement.


Editor: Neil King